NM Ethics Commission receives motion to dismiss charges

Posted on October 4, 2020


Truth or Consequences, NM (KKOB) –Representative Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences) filed with the State Ethics Commission a motion to dismiss the ethics complaint filed by her opponent.

“I have requested the State Ethics Commission immediately dismiss the false and baseless claims my opponent filed against me,” said Representative Rebecca Dow. “It was clear from the beginning that this was a political ploy by my opponent and those in her party backing her campaign.  I trust the voters of House District 38 know me, my character, and my dedication to the people of this district and that they will see through these tactics.”

Representative Dow’s filing clearly refutes the falsehoods in the original ethics complaint exposing the accusation as frivolous and without merit, and highlights her opponents blatant misuse of the Ethics Commission for political gain.

“It is unfortunate that the Ethics Commission is being used to advance my opponents political career,” continued Representative Dow“What she has done, in filing an already proven baseless claim and during the “blackout” period, has jeopardized the integrity of the important work the Ethics Commission is charged with doing.”

Dow’s opponent filed the ethics complaint within 60 days of an election.  The timing of the erroneous filing is certainly suspect, as it eliminated Representative Dow’s right to due process before the election takes place.  The State Ethics Commission Act created a “blackout period” to prevent the commission from being used for political purposes.  Reports can still be filed during the 60-day blackout period, but they cannot be adjudicated.  Representative Dow’s only recourse is to request a dismissal.

Additionally, the motion to dismiss acknowledges the inconsistent arguments made by Representative Dow’s opponent in why she filed her complaint during a blackout period.  The motion further questions the misreporting of expenses and donations in campaign finance reports filed by both Karen Whitlock and House Speaker Brian Egolf.

“The actions taken by Representative Dow’s three-time opponent are what offend so many people in politics,” said Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia).  “There are perennial politicians in this state that would rather mudsling and attempt to score headlines and political points rather than acknowledge the tireless work and steadfast dedication of someone like Representative Dow.  The people of House District 38 deserve to hear where the candidates stand on issues, not waste time on frivolous political ploys.”

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