The Organ Mountain Veteran Coffee Group

One of the group’s ongoing projects is year round maintenance of the “Slumbering Mountain Cemetery,” where over 90 veterans from the Dona Ana area are laid to rest. These veterans, who served during wartime and beyond, deserve to have their final resting place honored and cared for with respect. OMVCG takes it upon themselves to ensure that the cemetery is well-maintained, and that the graves of their fellow comrades were properly tended to.

Rebecca Dow, with Window Consulting, recognized the important work being done by the OMVCG and presented them with a check to support their ongoing projects. In a statement, Dow expressed her gratitude for the group, stating, “It’s an honor to contribute to a group of veterans who served during wartime, and after active duty, continue to give back to their community.”

The Organ Mountain Veteran Coffee Group serves as a reminder of the selfless dedication and sense of duty that defines the veteran community. These men and women have not only served their country on the battlefield, but continue to serve and support one another in their civilian lives.

Through their service projects, like the maintenance of the “Slumbering Mountain Cemetery,” the Organ Mountain Veteran Coffee Group is not only honoring the memory of their fallen comrades, but also strengthening the bonds of camaraderie and support within the veteran community. Their work is a testament to the values of service, sacrifice, and community that are at the core of the military experience. For more information about the non-profit contact Commander Larry Franco at 1-575-649-0656

Caption Organ Mt. Veterans Group receives contribution for only service project.