Representative Dow meets with environment department on food regulations

Danny Udero , Silver City Sun-News Sports Editor

SILVER CITY — Rep. Rebecca Dow met with the Environment Department Tuesday afternoon in reference to their regulation on certified food manager and food handler card requirements.

Dow stated this mandate impacts virtually every school, childcare center, and municipality in the state and that the meeting went really well.

“The Environment Department agreed to delay implementation of food handler/management requirements and to consider some amendments,” Dow said. “It was a great meeting and I think the intentions of the department weren’t to make this a huge problem as it has become.”

Dow said the impact of this regulation was a reason why the meeting was requested in the first place. She has been told about how this would affect churches and municipalities as well as the Detention Center. Guards hand trays to inmates during meals and that would mean added cost that has to be recognized.

“They are going to delay the implementation of this that was set for March 1,” Dow said. “We are going to meet with the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry and some other organizations and come back to the table and see what we can do for exemptions. A lot of people have talked about county fairs, teachers opening milk for students, and health care facilities. There is a lot of duplication and we want to make sure that we cover everything.”

Dow went to social media for some ideas. She asked Grant County Information on Facebook for suggestions on the issue. Candy Luhrsen stated to exempt potlucks, churches and other organizations of similarity. Luhrsen also added what about neighborhood get together’s and places were food is donated.

Diana Bender said, “If I can get information about whether my food purchase come from a trained/certified source, then I can make up my own mind as the consumer, whether I wish to purchase from an approved source or not. You should make that available and make it voluntary for non profits, fundraisers, private sales and let me be an informed consumer who takes the responsibility for my own needs and risks.”

Dow said people can contact Jason Espinoza with the NM Association of Commerce and Industry at or at (505) 842-0644 to leave comments and make recommendations about some of the exemptions.