Rep. Rebecca Dow’s comments on legislative sessions 2017

The Grant County Beat Published on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 16:33

Every legislator knew that Higher education would be restored. The governor had no intention of shutting down every college in the state of New Mexico. I received a lot of emails phone calls and even pamphlets asking me to vote for an override. These were paid for by special interest groups. I believe their efforts, over six figures worth, created a lot of panic and was the major reason why students and staff panicked.

* By not overriding Governor Martinez’s vetoand standing firm, House Republicans secured important victories for New Mexicans during the special session:

* House Republicans negotiated a reversal of CUTS to the UNM Cancer Center, pediatric oncology services, and financial aid for higher education students.

* House Republicans forced a $1 million increase for the UNM Cancer Center.

* House Republicans secured an additional $1 million for higher ed financial aid programs, including:
* the student incentive program for dental and veterinary students;
* work study assistance and
* financial aid for Vietnam Veterans.


* I am very concerned by tax increases that could be imposed on hard-working New Mexico families.
* Over $1.5 billion in tax increases were proposed during the two legislative sessions held this year.
* Democrats were successful in pushing through the Legislature over $600 million in new taxes on New Mexicans.
* We are missing the boat. We should be creating new economic opportunity and strengthening businesses. This will increase the tax base through increased sales and business growth. Instead these taxes will be imposed on our existing base

Tax reform
* Twice this year, we had a golden opportunity to pass REAL tax reform.
* The idea is to simplify the tax code, broaden the base and lower the rate for all New Mexicans.
* This tax reform would have stabilized the tax revenues for the state now and into the future, protecting against future budget crises.
* Enacting REAL tax reform would have put New Mexico on the path towards long-term prosperity.
* During the regular session the tax reform bill had Republican and Democrat sponsors from the house and senate side. Before the special session began Democrats decided not to address tax reform.

In the end, we simply put a Band-Aid on our empty gas gauge.