House Celebrates “New Mexico’s Angels on Earth” Day in Honor of APD Officer Ryan Holets and His Family

SANTA FE—Today the House of Representatives adopted House Memorial 57 proclaiming February 6, 2018, as “New Mexico’s Angels on Earth” Day in honor of Ryan and Rebecca Holets, a Rio Rancho couple who have received national attention for adopting a baby born to a woman struggling with heroin addiction. The memorial was sponsored by Rep. Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences) and Rep. Tim Lewis (R-Rio Rancho).

In September 2017, after responding to an emergency call, Albuquerque Police Officer Holets encountered a couple using heroin behind a convenience store. Officer Holets confronted the couple when he noticed that woman, Crystal Champ, was eight-months pregnant. After speaking with Ms. Champ and listening to her concern for her unborn child, Officer Holets and his wife, Rebecca, agreed to adopt the baby, who they have since named Hope.

Officer Holets and his wife have diverted all offers of financial assistance towards obtaining drug treatment services for Ms. Champ and her companion. They have also been tireless advocates for adoption and substance abuse awareness. Numerous representatives introduced guests who have promoted adoption, foster care, and access to behavioral treatment services.

“It is an honor to proclaim today as ‘New Mexico’s Angels on Earth Day’ and bring attention to all of the people working throughout the state to protect the dignity of every human life in New Mexico.”

“Ryan and Rebecca Holets represent the best of human compassion, and it’s fitting that we celebrate their work to help others in desperate need,” said Rep. Lewis.

“My Wife and I offered to adopt Crystal’s child; our precious daughter, who we named Hope. I am so grateful that Crystal chose life for our daughter. Because of her brave decision, Hope has a bright future and a wonderful life to live. Instead of being a nameless statistic of an ended pregnancy, her beautiful face brings joy each day to those around her. Hope is living proof that adoption saves lives,” wrote Officer Holets in a statement read by Rep. Dow on the House floor.