You Did It! Governor Signs Budget Bill into Law Without Raid of OHV Fund!

Thank you to everyone who weighed in with your State Legislators to stop the raid of the OHV Fund! Due to your efforts, the budget (HB 2) which was signed into law by the Governor on March 7th did not include the provision that would have taken $85,000 from the OHV Trail Safety Fund.

Special thanks also goes to our friends at the New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance and Rep. Rebecca Dow for working to get this detrimental provision removed from the budget with the help of all your comments!

For those of you who may have missed our calls to action, here is some background. The Trail Safety Fund is fully funded by OHV registration and user fees. It is set up under a “user-pay, user-benefit” framework to be used primarily for OHV law enforcement, education and training, information system development and management, resource monitoring and protection, trail building, maintenance and restoration, and the implementation of other provisions of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act (enacted in 2005). Proposing to take $85,000 from the OHV Trail Safety Fund was tantamount to placing an additional tax on OHV users that provides no benefit to those who pay.

Thanks again from your friends at ARRA!